Case Study: Advertek.

Logo Branding and Marketing Material for Advertek by BANG! creative strategy by design

Advertek is a 14 year old printing company that has grown in-spite of a shrinking print industry. However, they recognized their look, message and brand was out of date.   A strong brand will be the only thing that will set Advertek apart in an increasingly -and in many cases – an industry already considered a commodity. That’s where BANG! came in.

The re-brand of a print company in an increasing non-printer friendly market would not be an easy task. We could not come across as just another print company with a “me too” attitude jockeying for position in an increasingly competitive industry. 

After a review we determined the objective was to re-position Advertek as a strategic partner in the communication industry, offering more than just “ink on paper” and that Advertek is able to meet the current challenges in the industry and be able to grow with it’s clients for the future.

With all the capabilities in both offset and digital press; we also did not want to sound another “me too” printer wanting to do everything from printing anything to designing marketing and web or like we do everything “Copy shop”. Advertek had the opportunity to show they are not just a printer but a printing company with strategic partnerships that provide the best-in-class services to their clients.

“Your message, your market” was the ‘brand line’ developed as the core message. “The Adverek Advantage” was developed listing twelve unique differentiators Advertek has over the leading competitor.

Once outfitted with the new look, logo brand and message the sales force hit the ground running. Clients were exstatic about the upgraded look and a new position Advertek gained in the market, resulting in a growth and opportunities to present to new clients and land more than just ‘ink on paper’ jobs.

With an increasingly volatile and competitive industry climate, we have positioned Advertek as a strong, stable print media supplier ready for the future.