Hashtag Do’s & Dont’s.

Hashtag Tips by BANG! creative strategy by design

#This #Blog #Article #Post will #teachyou about proper #Hashtag use. First tip…Don’t do that. Using hashtags solely for the purpose of using hashtags will not, and I repeat: WILL NOT make your message more appealing. It’s 2016, and almost everyone on earth knows what a ‘hashtag’ is…that being said…there are definitely a lot of people that still have no idea how to use it.

Be specific: the more specific your hashtags, the more targeted your messages will be. A highly targeted message will have a much better impact with your desired audience, leading to more authentic, and more frequent engagement.
Be relevant: your location, the size of your audience, and the type of content you post has a heavy influence on which hashtags are most relevant to them. It is always important to track and analyze the response to your hashtags in order to alter them effectively.
Be consistent: try to make sure that you use your selected hashtags across all of your marketing mediums. Hashtag consistency is a great way to make sure your campaign is fully integrated and will help it resonate most effectively with your target audience.
Be SOCIAL: This one might be a little obvious…as we’ve said before time and time again, Social media is just that; Social. Make sure you are starting and participating in conversations with your hashtags, not just shameless self-promotion. This is very important to the process of giving your brand its own voice. One that your customers can enjoy connecting with.

Be longwinded: Keep your hashtags short and sweet. Nobody really enjoys writing or reading longwinded hashtags. You may be wondering “How can I remain specific without making my hashtags too long?” Well, thats up to you. Try to get clever…but not so clever that your audience won’t understand the message.
Be shameless: When it comes to inserting your brand or product name, be classy. Like I mentioned above…if the hashtag is clever enough, there will be no need to shamelessly plug your company or product. As long as the brand promotes the hashtag, and vice-versa, your customers will make the connection, and you’ll be just fine.
Be lazy: Continuing to use the same hashtags over and over, even if they are not working will just annoy and confuse your followers. Make sure you are always analyzing the response to your campaigns and altering your tags efficiently. Without a strong message, your tags have no ground to stand on. Make sure your campaign is simple, yet effective.
HASHTAG EVERYTHING: Ahhh…the inspiration for this blog. If your hashtags are not adding any substance to the overall message of the post: don’t use them. Like I mentioned in the intro, #Hashtagging #every #other #word will never produce meaningful results for your brand.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to becoming a Social Media guru. Get creative, be smart, and most importantly…be SOCIAL. Please #HashtagResponsibly.