Without Advertising, Something Terrible Happens…Nothing

Wisdom Drop - Without Advertising Something Terrible Happens

Without Advertising, Something Terrible Happens…Nothing

Ain’t that the truth! ‘If you build it they will come’ does not apply when you’re competing in a marketplace with dozens (or maybe even hundreds, or thousands!) of businesses similar to yours.

It’s critical that your voice rise above the crowd if you want a profitable and growing business ?

This is where advertising comes in to play. This communication with your audience first of all let’s them know you exist, and second, attempts to influence their behaviour with a message developed to persuade them to take a specific action.

This could be a call to action button on a website, some cleverly written copy in a print ad, a targeted social media post with a clear objective. Really, the options are endless here – just make sure you are getting your name out there!

Remember that it’s best to have several ‘touch points’ in your advertising so that your audience is reminded of you over and over again – this helps when the average attention span is only a few seconds and people are faced with endless distractions. Build up that advertising presence over time, and watch them flock.

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